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​There are many EDM job shops in the United States. Not many can say they were around since the 1960's. Even fewer can claim that they have won NASA awards as far back as the Apollo moon project and as recent as the Mars Rover project. Experience is what makes EDM Laboratories the best choice for all your EDM requirements. Because we are experienced with nearly every possible application, and have the latest linear motor EDM equipment, we can process your job faster, more accurately, and for a lower price than our competition. Our CNC machine shop includes 3 and 4 axis milling capabilities for manufacturing complex electrodes. Our Wire EDMs use linear motor technology and have auto threading capability with wire as small as .004" diameter. Our sinker department also uses linear motors, tool changers, and 4 axis capacities, something that our sets us apart even further from our competition. Our small hole EDM is mounted on a radial drill and can articulate in 5 axes. We have made everything from parts so small they cannot be seen by the naked eye to parts over 3 tons in size. For over 41 years we proudly served a large variety of customers in the California area including JPL and Boeing Space Systems. We recently moved our headquarters to Corpus Christi to enjoy the gulf beaches and business friendly environment. Contact us to learn more about how our award winning services can help you.
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