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​Many CNC EDM job shops do not quote work because one or two features are too difficult or impossible to machine in house. Most of the EDM work we do is finishing these areas for other shops. In today's economy, every potential job is important and should not be no-bid without sending us a print or model file for review. Our engineers will review your application and let you know if it is a candidate for EDM at no charge to you. 
These are some common applications for EDM:
Sharpening inside corners
Cutting Aerospace alloys and hardened steel
Cutting involute splines and gears
EDM'ing hexes and other fastener shapes when broaching is difficult
Short run sheet metal parts
Dies and punches
Aluminum and steel molds
Miniature and prototype parts
Plastic and Aluminum Extrusion Dies
Removing broken taps and drills
High tolerance work - /-.0001"
Threading hardened steel
Deep (100 to 1) and small diameter (.005") holes
Burr free machining
Tungsten carbide machining
Thin slicing
Narrow kerf slitting and sawing
These are only a handful out of the thousands of applications that Edm Laboratories can handle. The basic rule is if it conducts electricity and is difficult to machine conventionally, it is a possible candidate for EDM.

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